Pre-Compressed Pressboards

Saan  Boards Pvt. Ltd. is a major manufacturer of Electrical Grade Insulation Pre-compressed Pressboard (Transformer Board) and complete range of Machined Components. We supply our materials in Indian and International markets

Our cellulose based board is available in various densities and manufacturing methods – calendared, hot-press-dried, corrugated or laminated structures. Our product is conforming to different specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards and International Standards, viz., IEC 60641-3-1 (B-3.1), JIS C 2305, DIN 7733, PSP 3052, BS 231-1975 & IS – 1576 _ 1992.

Our cellulose based electrical grade insulation pre-compressed Pressboards are available in two brand names:-


High Density Pressboard for Power Transformers above 132kV Class. Made from 100% Canadian/Russian cellulose based “electrical grade” unbleached sulphate softwood pulp.


Medium Density Pressboard for Power and distribution Transformers below 132kV Class. Made from 100% Canadian/Russian cellulose based “electrical grade” unbleached sulphate softwood pulp. We use cellulose based unbleached “electrical grade” softwood pulp as raw material along with pure water constitutes the basis of Pressboard.

Saan Boards Pvt. Ltd. uses latest technology and follows strict quality control in the selection of unbleached softwood pulp, pure water and other raw materials. We have well qualified and experienced engineers to produces international standard Pre-compressed Pressboard.

Hot-press-dried material not only exhibits the highest mechanical and electrical strength, but also offers dimensional stability and low shrinkage. The unique properties are produced on a board machine with a special hot-press. The latest paper machine technology allows exact control of CMD and MD profiles in the wet end of the board machine. This ensures excellent flatness of the resulting material. Hot-press-dried Transformer Board can be shipped in a sheet size of up to 2200 mm X 1160 mm.

Field of Application

Pressboard is used as base insulating material in power, distribution and special transformers. Pressboard is the base material for components like cylinders, strips, spacers, rings, washers, plates. Having control over the many steps of the whole process chain from unbleached electrical grade pulp to components is advantageous in respect to product quality, customized solutions and creating value in the field of application: insulation of high voltage transformers.