Laminated Pressboard

Our cellulose based board is available in various densities and manufacturing methods – hot-press-dried, LAMINATED or corrugated structures. All confirms to IEC, JIS, DIN, BS, ANSI, ASTM standards. Our Pressboard ensures long-term dimensional stability.

Laminating of hot-press-dried Pressboard will result in a higher thickness more than 8.0 mm. The range of thickness of laminated PRESSBOARD begins from 9.0 mm up to 50.0 mm. Laminated material is, like hot-press-dried PRESSBOARD, dimensionally stable and offers highest mechanical and electrical strength. The resins in use are casein and polyester glues; casein is aqueous, polyester is non-aqueous.

Typical applications of laminated PRESSBOARD are pressure rings, static rings, beams, clamping plates and support strips etc. in power, distribution and special transformers.

These products made from highly purified unbleached softwood pulp which import from Russia and Canada. They have obvious good properties in mechanical strength electrical strength and compressibility is used world wide as insulation material for transformers reactors and bushing current transformer in the electric transmittal field.